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How We Make Custom Stencils
How We Make Custom Stencils

Our process from start to finish

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Step 1: The Design

Every custom stencil order is sent to our design team to be made into a stencil. They use Adobe Illustrator (and their stencil-making expertise) to transform your artwork into a functional stencil.

Types of custom stencil proofs

These are examples of different proofs. Depending on what kind of stencil you order, you will receive a proof that looks like one of these.

Step 2: The Laser Cutter

Once the design has been approved by you, it's sent to our laser cutting machines to be cut. They use a precision laser to cut your design into our mylar plastic sheets. Once the laser is finished, the stencil is inspected for mistakes.

Stencil Stop's Boss laser cutter

Step 3: Packing and Shipping

Every stencil is sent with an info sheet and some extra goodies from your friends at Stencil Stop. Larger stencils are often sent rolled up so shipping costs are minimal, but most are sent in flat envelopes. Stencils that have been rolled can be easily flattened for use.

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