For many people, stencils are a new art form. We understand that they may be confusing at first. It can be difficult to understand what your final product will look like once your stencil has been designed and used. Let’s learn about the difference between our single-layer and multi-layer stencils.

First, here are some terms that we use to describe our products.

  • Layer: A “layer” refers to a single sheet of plastic, or one stencil.

  • Resulting image: The artwork that appears after the stencil is used/painted.

Single-Layer Stencils

Single-layer stencils are our Custom Mylar Stencils, Custom Adhesive Stencils, Custom Metal Stencils, and Large Custom Stencils. These stencils are a single piece of plastic or adhesive material. Most artwork made with these stencils will only use one color. This is a one-and-done process, all you need is your painting surface, your stencil, and a single paint color. Having a single layer will reduce your submitted design to a single color. This is ideal for simple logos, text, patterns, and even some artwork.

Multi-Layer Stencils

Multi-layer stencils (we also call them layered stencils) are multiple stencils that compile into one image. This allows you to create a more complex, multi-colored resulting image. Take a look at this graphic to see how having multiple stencil layers can change an image:

The same image shown as a single-layer stencil design and a multi-layer stencil design

Layered stencils are ideal for creating multi-colored logos, complicated artwork, and recreating images. However, they can be more difficult for stencil novices to use. To find information about ordering layered stencils, visit How to Order Layered Stencils. For information about how to paint layered stencils, visit How to Paint Layered Stencils.

If you are ever confused about what kind of stencil to order or how to order them, feel free to contact our customer service and they can help you find the perfect solution.

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