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How to Order Layered Stencils
How to Order Layered Stencils

How to select your number of layers

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Layered stencils are one of our most popular products because of their ability to create detailed paintings and images. They are a great way to make dynamic works of art using multiple colors. The general rule of thumb for them is more layers = more color = more detail.

Many of our customers look to recreate images, colorful logos and art. Our traditional single-layer mylar stencils only allow for one, max two colors to be used. Layered stencils, on the other hand, allow for multiple colors to be used with ease.

The first step for ordering layered stencils is to choose a size. The sizes offered refer to how large the final artwork will be. Our designers will add a 2” all-around border for convenience.

Choosing a Number of Layers

Next, decide how many layers the design will be. As stated above, the more layers chosen, the more detailed and realistic the design will be. If a logo or piece of art has a set number of colors, choose that many layers. One color = one layer.

Here is an example of the same image with a different number of layers:

How to choose a number of stencil layers

The artwork becomes more detailed and more realistic as more layers are added.

For graphic logos, think about how many colors are in the design. Take the Taco Bell logo for example. This logo has 3 colors in it, so we will have 3 stencils.

Spray painting the Taco Bell logo to show how to turn a graphic multi colored logo into a stencil design

Spray painting a graphic multi colored logo design with a stencil

It really is as simple as that! 1 color = 1 stencil.

When deciding on how many layers to choose, it's also important to consider difficulty. The more layers used, the more challenging recreating an image will be. The difficulty comes from having to match up layers and having consistent painting.

How difficult is it to paint a multi layered stencil?

For first timers, err on the side of caution and go with fewer layers. If there are more layers, mistakes are more likely. Don’t worry, our designers will still make the final product look great no matter the number of layers you choose.

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