NOTE: If you have not received a proof within 48 hours, check your spam folder!

All custom stencil orders come with a proof, which is your guide to how your stencil will look once the painting process is completed. We provide proofs in order to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Each proof is sent to you for approval before we cut it, and will also be printed and sent with your order.

Your proof will appear in your inbox within 48 hours of your order. If you don't see it, check your spam folder. Your email will contain a link to view your proof on our website. From there, you can choose to approve the proof or reject it. If you reject it, we will continue to work on your design. If you approve it, we will being the fulfillment process.

How a proof looks will depend on the type of custom product ordered. Take a look at the image below, which shows a range of different proofs.

Types of custom stencil proofs and what they look like

All proofs include:

  • Submitted file that has been made into a stencil design

  • Dimensions of the stencil design

  • Dimensions of the border of the stencil

  • All included pieces

  • Order number

Custom mylar, adhesive, coffee, apparel, and reverse stencils will all include these elements.

Large Custom Stencil Proofs

Because large stencils are so…. large, we have to spread the design over multiple pieces of plastic. Proofs for large custom stencils will include each piece that makes up the final design. The border of each piece of plastic will be shown, as well as labels for each piece and a diagram showing their placement.

Custom large stencil proof example

Layered Custom Stencils

We’ve included a few extra elements within layered stencil proofs in order to make the painting process as easy as possible:

  • All stencils are shown

  • Suggested colors for each layer based on the submitted file

  • Numbers indicating the order of painting

  • A final composite image

Our designers carefully create a color guide for each stencil layer to help you recreate the original file. These colors don’t need to be followed exactly, or even followed at all. Feel free to match up your paint colors exactly or throw the guide in the recycling (we promise we won’t be offended). To see what the painting will look like with the suggested colors, turn to the second page of the proof to find a preview image we have made for you.

Sometimes it can be confusing which stencil goes before another when painting layered sets. We’ve saved you the guesswork by providing numbers etched on each layer the correspond to the order shown on the proof.

An example of a multi-layered stencil proof

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