We understand that ordering custom stencils can be confusing. As always, we're happy to help with the ordering process, so call or email us with any questions.

For non-custom stencils, simply select your size and quantity, and add to cart.

Step #1: Select the size of your artwork

When selecting a size, we want to know how big you would like your design to be. If you only know one measurement, approximate the other dimension. We will scale your design to whatever size you give us while keeping the ratio of width to height constant.

We will add a 2” border around your design. The size of the border is not included in the ordering process. You will see it on your proof and you will not be charged for it.

If you do not see the exact size you are looking for, choose the closest measurements from the dropdown menu and leave your exact specifications.

Example #1: If the submitted artwork is originally 5” x 6.25” and you choose the size 5” x 7”, we will keep the size 5” x 6.25”.

Example #2: If the submitted artwork is 12” x 13.5”, and you choose the size 24” x 30”, the final size of your design will be 24” x 27” to maintain the original shape of the design.

Optional: Add additional sizes of the same design

This text box can be used to add a second size of the same design. For example, if you have ordered a 12" x 12" stencil and you would like a 10" x 10" stencil, you can use this box to let us know.

First, select your largest size in the top dropdown menu. Second, select "Yes" if you would like a second size. In the text box, let us know what the additional sizes are. Also, note how many you would like of that size.

When you select the quantity, choose the total amount of stencils you would like.

Our smaller sizes have a minimum quantity of 5. If you would still like additional sizes, tell us how many you would like of the second size in the text box. Note how many you would like, and the remainder of the 5 stencils will be the original size chosen.

Step #2: Select a quantity

Choose the quantity of stencils you would like from our dropdown menu. Smaller sizes of stencils have a minimum order of 5.

We order quantity discounts for every size, and that discount will be automatically applied to the price shown at the top of the pricing form.

How to choose a stencil size

Step #3: Upload your artwork

Upload a file by clicking “Choose file.” We take almost all file types, read our article “Before You Order Custom Stencils” for more information. You can also paste a URL for an image in the text box if you would prefer. If you don't have anything yet, you can email it to us later.

Step #4: Name your design (optional)

You have the option to name your stencil's design, though this feature is usually more helpful for larger orders with more quantities.

Step #5: Extra notes and special instructions

Include any design or order details in the final text box. For more information about special requests (yours may be more common than you think!), check out our article on Special Requests.

Extra notes for your order

Step #6: Add to Cart

Select "Add to Cart." You should see a note showing your item was successfully added, the cart icon at the upper right of the screen should reflect the updated quantity of items in your cart.

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